La Maison
des Bois
– Marc Veyrat

in Haute-Savoie

“Food is spiritual”

“Food is spiritual, it comes out of the earth and reaches for the heavens.”

At La Maison des Bois – Marc Veyrat, cooking is a philosophy and eating is a committed act. Guests come to experience the chef’s never-ending creativity and to enjoy the clever combination of flavours in the restaurant’s stunning dishes which never fail to live up to expectations as high as the property’s altitude; they leave with a life-long belief in the importance of healthy eating. 

The 30-person dining room is decorated with wood and enjoys impressive views of the Aravis mountains and Mont Blanc: the perfect setting for a truly gourmet experience. Our inspired chef has an innate talent for composing culinary symphonies with rural, mineral and alpine notes, using natural and organic ingredients to create delicious dishes.

The scent of hogweed is combined with the flavour of meadowsweet, while exhilarating aromas of wild mushrooms evoke a walk in the woods. Together with his team, the chef combines incredible expertise and brilliant creativity to create a culinary tour de force, inspired by the cuisine of the Haute-Savoie. A magical, masterful experience, enhanced by a superb wine list of exquisite wines from renowned wine estates and artisan producers.

Carved out of rock, this cool, damp wine cellar is a veritable sanctuary, housing an extensive range of divine wines which only improve with age. In the dining room, our attentive waiting staff provide a beautifully discreet and bespoke service, alongside a chef who is always keen to share his wisdom with his guests. 

“Eggs from our chickens, vegetables from our garden, milk from our cows”

It’s all here! In the botanical garden, just above the restaurant, wild herbs and plants are the star ingredients. The property’s two botanists, who are in charge of the garden, take the time to respect nature’s plentiful gifts. 

Lovage with its celery taste, hogweed with its stem which serves as a straw, the young shoots of the spruce tree which are delicious as an infusion, goosefoot and wild spinach, oxalis, the subtle aniseed scent of myrrh, salad burnet, calamint with its delicate mint fragrance: this botanical garden is more like the garden of Eden. Our garden is a heavenly treasure trove on the slopes of Manigod.

“The solution? Nature, served au naturel on the plate.”

By developing its own botanical gardens, orchards and vegetable gardens, by raising dairy cows, chickens and freshwater fish, by making its own bread and cider, La Maison des Bois – Marc Veyrat turns organic self-sufficiency into the ultimate approach when it comes to eating well.
We just need to bend down to pick up basketfuls of delicious ingredients! Eating well means living better, demonstrating the very best of healthy eating and creating a truly pleasurable experience.

Although cooking is a shared act, Marc Veyrat has the additional responsibilities of raising awareness and sharing his knowledge: “I want to protect mankind’s pantry, I want to save biodiversity and I want to take care of the planet for our grandchildren.” 

“I want to protect mankind’s pantry”

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Couple’s Wellness Getaway
 2200 €
Offer for 2 persons
at La Maison des Bois - Marc Veyrat
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